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St. Luke’s Child Development Center

The philosophy of St. Luke’s Child Development Center is based on the view that the child is an independent and individual learner. The aim of the program is to respond to the needs of every child as s/he develops awareness of the world and readiness for learning. Each group provides developmentally appropriate materials and activities for every child in the areas of social/emotional, intellectual and aesthetic growth and psychomotor development, while fostering a positive self-concept.

Through planned activities, children are challenged to explore their world, solve problems, develop physically, and expand language skills and concepts. Teachers nurture a sense of competence and self-worth in every child. The emphasis is on active, hands-on learning that addresses the needs of the whole child in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical growth.

Following long-term and current research on how children learn, St. Luke’s Child Development Center offers both planned and spontaneous activities, encouraging independence while presenting limits that arise from being part of a group. Teachers provide a variety of choices for play designed to encourage physical skills, cognitive learning, problem solving and independent thought. Resources and encouragement are available for those children who are ready for more directed, academic learning. Our approach is consistent with research based on long term observation of young children, which indicates that they learn best through their senses, needing many opportunities to initiate learning on their own, and needing periods of choice that alternate with periods of guidance. By means of these age-appropriate activities, a strong foundation is built for the kindergarten experience.