Vestry 2022

Vestry and Lay Staff

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St. Luke’s vestry is the elected body of the church, who gather together once a month to manage everything from fundraising and budgets, to care of our buildings and grounds, to community events. Vestry members are elected for a term of three years. Our clerk and treasurer are elected by the vestry vote once a year.

Vestry 2024

  • Bruce Watts, Senior Warden
  • Debbie Decker, Clerk
  • Shawn DeArmond
  • Chris Hoinacki
  • Nonie Lathrop
  • Larry Main
  • Cass Mc Neill
  • Barbara Shreve
  • Sally Rooney
  • Mack Walker
  • Beth Robins

Finance Committee

  • Shannon DeArmond, Co-treasurer
  • Shawn DeArmond, Co-treasurer
  • LeAnn Herigstad
  • Karen Poquette
  • Karen Swan