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Resource Navigators

Let us help you navigate through the maze of community resources available that can help you have a better life.

What We Do

Need help finding community services like legal assistance, transportation, health insurance, in-home care, veteran’s services, etc.? St Luke’s Resource Navigators may be able to guide you to the appropriate person or resources. Please contact us. All information shared will be held in confidence between you and your Resource Navigator.

Cloud bubbles with service types listed in website textHow We Do It

Many people do not know where to turn when a crisis or problems rears its head in their lives. Additionally, knowing about a potential resource does not mean that someone will actually access those services. There are many reasons this occurs and our goals are to erase those barriers. To do this, we reach out to existing programs and forge relationships with them. We believe that it is not enough to know about programs, we need to establish communication channels to assist our clients in accessing their services.

For more information, see our brochure.