Join us for in-person worship every Sunday:
Rite I: 8:00 am in-person, Rite II with Music: 10:00 am in-person, Rite II online only: 1:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Episcopalians believe?

Our understanding of faith is described in the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer. We are not primarily a doctrinal tradition that defines a list of beliefs or what is right and what is wrong. Rather, we believe that praying shapes believing, which means that common prayer – worship – is  the heart of what we do. It expresses our values and beliefs. We firmly believe that God is love and that we are call to love one another and creation. It is through these lenses that we craft our beliefs. To answer questions we weigh input from three sources of authority: Scripture (the Bible), Tradition (what the church has taught through history), and Reason (our experiences out in the world). Because the third leg of this stool is subjective, Episcopalians span a range of beliefs.

Can I just be a quiet visitor?

Yes. You’re more than welcome to lurk quietly to find a moment of peace in this crazy life.

What can I expect when I come to your Church?
Upon entering St. Luke’s, you will be greeted by an usher who will hand you a program to assist you with everything you need to fully participate in our worship service. Please know that all who seek the Holy are welcome to receive Holy Communion at St. Luke’s. Let an usher know if you need to be served Communion in your seat.

Are my children welcome at Church?
YES!!!Both of our services are child friendly. “Let the little children come to me.” (Matt. 19:14) says the Lord. Children are welcome at both the 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. service. For children three and under, we also offer Nursery Carel during the 10 a.m. service. Families are invited to sit towards the front of the church so that children can see and be involved in the “action” of the service. During the sermon, children are invited to recess to the Guild Hall for a Godly Play lesson and will return prior to the Eucharist. We have  a long tradition of children of all ages joining the final recession to the narthex and ringing the bell to end our worship.

Can I participate in Holy Communion? How should I receive?

The altar is God’s table and everyone is welcome. Come to the communion rail and stand or kneel. To receive bread, cup your hands and extend them. To receive wine, help guide the chalice to you. If you prefer a blessing, come to the altar and cross your arms over your chest. In the Episcopal Church communion is a sacrament through which we encounter God. As a sacrament, it’s open to varied interpretation. There’s no one right way to approach the mystery of God. Gluten-free bread is available.

Where should I park?
St. Luke’s has ample neighborhood street parking both on Second Street and on the Lincoln cross street. You are aso invited to park in the Lincoln Building Parking lot on the southwest corner of Lincoln and 2nd street. Please remember to observe all posted street signs.

What if I’m LGBTQIA? Will I and/or my family be welcomed?
St. Luke’s is a welcoming and inclusive community. We are proud to be an Integrity Congregation. You are welcome here. We look forward to getting to know you.

What should I wear to church?
St. Luke is a welcoming church. Come as you are. Wear whatever is comfortable to you. Some people wear a jacket and tie or a dress. Others wear shorts and a  golf shirt. Most people are somewhere in between.

What other special events or activities does St. Luke’s celebrate?
The Community of St. Luke’s celebrates many events through out the year. Our congregation is also very active with local community events as well. Here is just a small list of some of the events that we participate in.

A broad range of Holy Week services including:

  • Palm Sunday procession from the Woodland Opera House
  • Shrove Tuesday dinner with waffles, hosted by our Youth Group.
  • Ash Wednesday services
  • Good Friday with nearby 2nd Baptist Church,
  • Saturday Vigil Service
  • Easter Sunday

Christmas Services:

  • All inclusive Christmas Eve Pageant – all children from the community are welcome to come and be apart of the pageant, even if it’s at the last minute!
  • Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve
  • Traditional Christmas Evening Mass with Holy Eucharist
  • Christmas Day service.

Am I supposed to be a member?

We consider any person who shows up regularly at the church and who contributes some of their time or money or both to be a member. If you are interested in formalizing your membership and are an Episcopalian you may request your former parish to transfer your membership. If you are not an Episcopalian, you are invited to speak with the rector about pursuing initiation through baptism, confirmation or reception.

How can I get involved?

We make church together and it takes all of us to do the work of the church: loving God and loving our neighbors. In the words of Friedrich Buechner, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” We encourage you to explore our ministries and find one that is life-giving to you. We have a variety of opportunities to worship, pray, serve, teach and to gather with friends. 

What if I have more questions?

Call our parish office or Rector at 530-662-7152. We are always happy to answer your questions.