Join us for in-person worship every Sunday:
Rite I: 8:00 am in-person, Rite II with Music: 10:00 am in-person, Rite II online only: 1:00 pm

Join St. Luke’s

The best way to join St. Luke’s is to worship with us. If you feel at home here we encourage you to take part in the greater life of the congregation, by participating in our community through fellowship, service and faith formation. The Rector looks forward to meeting with you and discussing what has brought you to this place and how life in this community might be serve to deepen your faith.

We invite members to be active participants in the life of the parish. This includes supporting the community by engaging in a regular practice of faith, caring for those inside and outside of our walls, taking part in the week-to-week life of St. Luke’s and by making a financial pledge to support the work and mission of the church.

As your personal commitment deepens you may choose to witness to your faith and commitment to through the initiatory rites of the Church: baptism, confirmation or reception.

Initiation into the Christian faith begins in the waters of our baptism. Many come to our church from a myriad of traditions: Baptist, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic, to name a few. It is for this reason that the Episcopal Church has several rites of entrance into this branch of the Body of Christ. Baptism is primary among them, but depending upon the tradition that one has experienced, the following rites are regularly celebrated.

  • Baptism, a sacramental rite that initiates and welcomes new members into the community of Jesus Christ.
  • Confirmation, a sacramental rite in which a person who has been baptized into the Christian church in other traditions is confirmed as a member by the bishop.
  • Reception, a ceremony celebrated by the bishop, in which someone who has been confirmed in other Catholic communions is received as a member of the Episcopal church.
  • Reaffirmation, a ceremony in which those who have been baptized in other Protestant denominations reaffirm their baptismal vows.

If you would like to learn more about entering into the Christian faith as member of the Episcopal Church, please talk with our rector.