Join us for in-person worship every Sunday:
Rite I: 8:00 am in-person, Rite II with Music: 10:00 am in-person, Rite II online only: 1:00 pm

Pastoral Care Ministries

Visitors Guild

The Visitor Guild assist the Rector in visitations and taking Holy Communion to anyone unable to participate in church services but who desires the blessings of Christian fellowship, prayer and the Eucharist. The members meet once monthly with the Rector to ensure visits to everyone. There are monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly visits made.

Anyone requesting a visit or even a phone call when feeling low should contact the church office for the initial visit. Anyone who would like to join this group should contact the Rector. It is rewarding when a human community is shared and enjoyed. Updates on the activities and highlights of St Luke’s are appreciated. It is a blessing to be able to focus on individual needs in prayer. Through the Eucharist ritual, the enhanced, mysterious presence of Christ is experienced as we share the consecrated bread and wine – our life renewing gifts from God. Both visitor and visited are equally blessed.